Wheel of fortune - conditions

Terms and Conditions - Cantata.be Wheel of Fortune
Participation and Subscription 
1.1 The Cantata.be Wheel of Fortune game is accessible on our website Cantata.be. By participating in the game and entering their email address, participants automatically subscribe to our newsletter. 
1.2 Each participant is eligible to play the Wheel of Fortune game only once.
Game Period and Celebration 
2.1 The Wheel of Fortune game will be active on Cantata.be from December 26th to January 1st. 
2.2 This celebration marks Cantata's 7th anniversary in Wijnegem Shopping Center, expressing gratitude to our customers for an amazing year and starting the new year with joyful fun.
3.1 The prizes available on the Wheel of Fortune include: 10% discount, 15% discount, Free 50g bag of tea, Free 100g bag of coffee, Free Tea Jelly, and Free delivery. 3.2 Upon spinning the wheel, participants will receive a unique code to claim their prize. An email with the code will also be sent to the provided email address. Please check the spam folder if necessary.
Contact and Support 
4.1 For any inquiries or concerns regarding the Wheel of Fortune game, participants can contact us via email at contact@cantata.be.
Liability and Limitations 
5.1 Cantata.be is not responsible for technical issues, interruptions, or failures associated with the Wheel of Fortune game that are beyond our control. 
5.2 Participants play the game at their own risk. Cantata.be is not liable for any loss, injury, damage, or claims resulting from participation in the game.
6.1 Personal information collected during the game will be handled according to our privacy policy.
Modification and Termination 
7.1 Cantata.be reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate, or amend the terms of the Wheel of Fortune game at our discretion without prior notice.
By participating in the Cantata.be Wheel of Fortune game, participants agree to these terms and conditions.